Who knew a simple sneeze could embody a heroine’s character so beautifully?

In SEDUCING CHARLOTTE, the heroine Charlotte Livingston is a wonderfully earthy character. She’s practical, and cares about the lives around her than ballroom etiquette. She’s a thinker, with a social consciousness, who refuses to accept her world as it is.

So, when she meets an industrialist, Lord Camryn, she has her work cut out for her. Not only does she attempt to reform him, and the conditions at his factory, but she struggles to remain logical when her heightening sensuality towards Cam.

An earthy sensuality that the hero cannot overlook.

SEDUCING CHARLOTTE is a terrific read. An unconventional story with an abundance of sexual tension mixed with a wonderfully refreshing plot.

Ms. Quincy has a way with words. I’m really looking forward to reading another of her books. Maybe Sabastian’s story is next?