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After being left at the altar & publicly humiliated, he’s running away or is
he? RUNAWAY GROOM @FionaLowe @carinapress http://bit.ly/KvBi6s

@RobinCovington @aejonesauthor. Great meeting you at RWA. #rwa13

Who knew a simple sneeze could embody a heroine’s character so beautifully?

In SEDUCING CHARLOTTE, the heroine Charlotte Livingston is a wonderfully earthy character. She’s practical, and cares about the lives around her than ballroom etiquette. She’s a thinker, with a social consciousness, who refuses to accept her world as it is.

So, when she meets an industrialist, Lord Camryn, she has her work cut out for her. Not only does she attempt to reform him, and the conditions at his factory, but she struggles to remain logical when her heightening sensuality towards Cam.

An earthy sensuality that the hero cannot overlook.

SEDUCING CHARLOTTE is a terrific read. An unconventional story with an abundance of sexual tension mixed with a wonderfully refreshing plot.

Ms. Quincy has a way with words. I’m really looking forward to reading another of her books. Maybe Sabastian’s story is next?


@joannashupe Nice!

@joannashupe So proud of critique partner for becoming a Golden Heart finalist. WTG

Doesn’t hurt that I now have a crush on Bradley Cooper. #silverliningsplaybook

Locks of Love. How beautiful.

“Here’s our friend we were just telling you about.”

I smiled politely, wondering at my friend’s words as I settled into the only available seat at the table. My excitement bubbled up within me like fine champagne. After all, I had a major fan girl moment, eating dinner with an author whose novels I’ve devoured since my teenage years. And . . . she talked to me!

Heather Graham. New York Times best-selling author. Iconic pioneer, with over 100 novels written. Generous, nurturing spirit. Truly.

Here’s my recollection of our conversation.

Heather (turning to me): “Conferences are a good way to learn about the industry.”

Me: “Ah, ba, ah, ba . . . ”

Heather: “We have a terrific conference in New Orleans.”

Me: ” Uhh . . . ”  I’m temporarily at a loss for words. Star Struck.

The conversation continues, and the whole time I’m thinking: How generous you are, Heather. If I am ever so fortunate to have one published novel under my wing, let alone 100 novels – and best-sellers, too – I would want to give back to writers just like you do, with your vivacious spirit. 

We were attending the New Jersey Romance Writer’s Put Your Heart in a Book Conference. Heather was a key note speaker and I was part of the conference committee contest organizers.

I realized something during this three day conference while mingling with authors who I adore. Heather puts it into words best:

“You have to live a full life to fully write.”

Writing can be an isolating endeavor. You, a laptop, and the occasional cat warming your legs. Characters keep you company, messing with your head as they demand to be put on the page. But how an author depicts them, along with their problems and their world, is where LIFE comes in.

After talking with Heather, it became very obvious why she’s so successful and why I love her writing so much. She’s living a full, rich life. And she is kind enough to let you in on it.

I settled into my new seat and the waiter came to clear away the dinner plates. My heart was still racing. Still star struck. And inspired. I was suddenly even more excited to work on my next manuscript. Who needed champagne when you’ve just met your muse?

I searched my friends’ faces at the table. Mirror images of my own greet me. Broad smiles. That gleam authors get in their eyes when their creativity is shimmering. Their excitement is palpable. And, all of them had it.

Wait a second! I became aware of the person across from me. I knew her, too.

Sabrina Jeffries.

Oh my God. Life doesn’t get any better than this!

For more information about Heather Graham, please visit:  http://www.theoriginalheathergraham.com/

For more information about Sabrina Jeffries, please visit: http://www.sabrinajeffries.com/

Hi everyone!  Well, I haven’t posted on my site in a while but I think you’ll understand why – – – I’ve been writing! And I am thrilled to post that my manuscript, OCTAGON GIRL,  has placed first for Contemporary Single Title.

My wonderful friends and critique partners have placed as well.  Check out Jenna Blue’s THE RUNAWAY and Joanna Shupe’s DRAWN TO THE EARL.  

2012 PYHIAB Winners Announced

The New Jersey Romance Writers have announced the 2012 Put Your Heart In A Book Contest Winners.Congratulations everyone!

Romantic Suspense
1st Place: Jenna Blue – The Runaway
2nd Place: Michelle Sharp – The Dreamer
3rd Place: Keith Zwingelberg – Medicine Woman
Single Title Contemporary
1st Place: Michele Mannon – Octagon Girl
2nd Place: Susan J. Bickford – Synchrony’s Call
3rd Place: Claudia Handel – Lost in You
1st Place: Eileen Emerson – Embracing an Unloved Earl
2nd Place: Joanna Shupe – Drawn to the Earl
3rd Place: Mary Jane Esber w/a Miranda Liasson – The Spy Who Loved Me
1st Place: Laurel Wanrow – Passages
2nd Place: Leisl Leighton – Seer’s Blood
3rd Place: Katrina Snow – Bewitched by a KissYoung Adult
1st Place: Karen Schwartz – Extra Ordinary Guy
2nd Place: McCall Hoyle – Twice Shy
3rd Place: Laurel Wanrow – Seaside Sorcery

Honorable Mention
McCall Hoyle – The Other Cheek

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